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We entered into photography for one very special and important reason; we realized that pictures allow us to capture moments that we want to remember. Wether that be a wedding, birthday or family portrait, the people in these images are important. It is said to make every moment count and pictures do exactly that. They allow us to capture those moments and give us a chance to reflect and reminisce.
As photographers we want to give our clients memories. We put our hearts into every moment we capture. When our clients see their pictures we want them to feel the emotion from those images. We can all remember events and moments in our lives that brought us happiness. But pictures go beyond because they are physical reminders that provoke treasured memories. These moments last a day but pictures last a lifetime. Allow us to capture those treasured moments with the upmost respect, dignity, and professionalism you deserve.
You the client are the director. As photographers we want to give you the images you feel are important. We want to capture the images that provoke the memories you desire. We want you to remember that special day, moment or event with happiness in your heart. Our goal is give you a treasure you can pass down to your family. Allow us to "picture your roots" so the memories can grow for generations to come.


Jason & Krystal

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Samuel & Glenda

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Los Pastore Champagne

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Ismael Peguero CD Release

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Edgar & Nancy Gomez

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Drive For A Cure 2012

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Kevin & Janneidy

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Dedicacion Del Templo G H I O N En New Haven, Ct.

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Locutores FM 100.9

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Family tree Photography


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Jose & Marisol wedding

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Photography for all occacions


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Drive For A Cure 2011

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Yan Raymond

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Kelvin Ross

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7ma Parada Evangelica De Ct.

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Concierto Para La Parada Evangelica De Ct. 2011

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Sleeping Giant State Park

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Jose Y Marisol

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Madelyn Sue 1st. Birthday

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VolleyBlast 2011

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Yan Rymond

Yan Rymond

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Family Tree Photography

Ariel & Barbara Hilario

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Reverend Aguayo

Family Portrait

Updated: Nov 14, 2010 1:07pm EDT

Hilario Family Portrait

The Hilario Family

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Mariano Rivera

Church Service

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Evife & Amigo

CD Album Cover

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Reverend Champagne

Family Portrait

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Ariel & Nelly

Engagement Portrait

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Senior Portrait

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Corey & Heather

Heather & Corey

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Joseph & Sarah's Wedding

Joseph & Sarah's Wedding

Updated: Oct 21, 2010 7:04pm EDT

Ariel & Nellys Wedding

Ariel & Nelly's Wedding

Updated: Oct 21, 2010 1:48am EDT

Family Tree Photography